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Ugly Food of the North is a Fargo-Moorhead (F-M) based organization committed to making continuous improvements toward a more sustainable Fargo-Moorhead food system.


We aim to do this by:

- Increasing consumer awareness of food waste problems and impacts through engaging social media and community events.

- Providing urban agriculture education for area resident to understand how to successfully implement various modes of urban agriculture to improve access to healthy, local food.

- Working with local farmers and farmers markets to promote local food, decrease food deserts, reduce carbon emissions, and support small farmers. 

- Supporting local food businesses who procurement local, sustainably produced foods, reduce food waste, and improve access to healthy food for all in the community.

- Providing educational opportunities for F-M area residents to better understand tangible ways to reduce food waste in their homes, jobs, and communities.

- Engaging in conversations with public entities and elected-officials to discuss policy, system, and environmental approaches to become a more sustainable community.

We're building a community of engaged individuals who are working to make the Fargo-Moorhead area more sustainable by partnering with local businesses and organizations, hosting events, and aggregating educational resources for the public.