An Ode to Coschedule

Once upon a time in a cold land quite near,
was a startup fueled by coffee, passion, and beer.

What started as one event took on a life of its own,
and we set out to build community in the place we call home.

With potlucks and panels, with shovels and dirt,
on nights and weekends, we tirelessly worked.

We planned event after event, at lots of locations,
we created connection, we fostered creation.

We tried emails and meetings, phone-calls and lists;
but no matter the method, stuff kept getting missed.

We knew we needed something to keep us on track,
To help us look forward, and to help us look back.

And then one lucky day, we found this magical site -
A platform, a product - that did everything right.

It helped us stay organized, it planned out our days,
It changed all our bad habits in a myriad of ways.

So here’s to you CoSchedule, you magical thing;
You’ve helped us a ton, so your praises we’ll sing.

If you want to be better, if you want to be the best,
use our referral code, and put our words to the test.

Confused about the wonderful, yet semi-ridiculous poem written by Gia? Let us explain.

When we founded our organization, originally called Ugly Food of the North, in 2015 - we only intended to have one event focused on raising awareness about food waste. We were surprised when 100 people showed up and wanted to learn more. We saw a need for more conversation about building a stronger food community - and essentially, just kept hosting events. To date, we’ve hosted 59 events on a wide variety of food topics. As we grew and gained more of a following, so did our need to effectively communicate who we are and what we do.

In the beginning, all of our social media was done in real-time and primarily at events. As time has passed, it became increasingly apparent that we needed to find a system to help us maintain effective communication across all of our platforms.

CoSchedule Calendar: As you can see, the calendar layout makes it easy to get an overview of scheduled content for all your social accounts in one place.

For us, CoSchedule was the natural choice - not only because it’s a local business (#FargoProud), but because it’s simply the best project management, content organization and social media scheduling tool of its kind.

CoSchedule Analytics:  We love the analytics feature of CoSchedule!

CoSchedule Analytics: We love the analytics feature of CoSchedule!

Though we have the support of many wonderful organizations and community partners, our team is very small: two people! CoSchedule allows us to work together, and also ahead, by planning out content as our schedule allows.

If you’re looking for something to enhance your overall marketing plan, we highly recommend using CoSchedule - and also that you use our referral link 😊

Special thanks to Ryan in Customer Service for an overall great experience and giving us time to test out the product to ensure it was a good fit!