Junksgiving Recap (or how many Sin Boldlys does it take to enjoy leftovers?)

Answer: One.

Leftovers never looked so good.

On November 30th, Ugly Food of the North hosted Junksgiving where participants brought dishes either using leftover ingredients from Thanksgiving, or just the leftovers themselves. 

The impetus for an event like this was simple: a shockingly 40% of the groceries bought in the United States gets thrown away each year. Not only does that mean that $162 billion worth of food itself goes to waste, but keep in mind the carbon emissions used to grow and then transport that food to you is wasted, as well. What does that amount to? According to VICE, in a study published in the Journal of Industrial Ecology, that's the energy equivalent of adding 33 million cars to the roads.

One way to reduce this waste is to eat those leftovers. While leftovers don't always convey positive connotations, we at Ugly Food of the North were excited by the challenge of making them even more delicious than they were the first time.

Junkyard Brewing Co. provided the coziest atmosphere and the lovely folks at First Ave Promo stayed open in case we needed extra seating. We had an amazing spread of dips, casseroles, squash in almost every form, even a cake, and Junkyard had Sin Boldly on tap which paired well with everything. The whole night wrapped up with Beer & Hymns.

For another look at the night, you can go check out the feature by Valley News Live! A huge thank you goes to Junkyard, First Ave Promo, Valley News, and of course the potluck attendees!

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